To make an appointment or find out more:

Telephone: 01242-898404

Email: [email protected]


How many appointments will you need?

Short answer – it depends.

As many as you think you need until you see the change you want and have momentum going forward.

A general rule of thumb says:

  • Week 1 – initial session – get to know you, get to know me
  • 10-14 days later – second session- some change work
  • 10-14 days later – third session – a review of the change work and further change work.

Coaching sessions are scheduled, regularly until such times as the coachee (that’s you!) is making the changes and you are making the progress you want, then the sessions may become less frequent.

Appointments are usually about an hour, but can be longer or shorter depending on needs.

Support outside of the session is provided to make sure you continue to take action and move toward s getting what you want.

Appointments cancelled with less than 24hours notice will be charged in full.
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